Look mama,

you’re busy enough.

You don’t need to be counting calories, weighing ANYTHING, counting reps or setting any alarms for 5am workouts.

You’re ready for real lasting change that you don’t have to think about. Healthy choices that become second-nature because you are a busy lady and can’t be spending hours planning meals or adjusting schedules to fit in your workout.

Imagine if you will …

You get out of bed knowing exactly what’s for breakfast. You feel deep in your body when you are hungry or full and have the self-control to say ‘more please’ or ‘no thanks’. You’re not scared of carbs or sugar - you’ve made peace with all foods. Yes, even the “bad ones” (because you know there’s no such thing). You’re eating what nourishes both body and soul, exercising because you love your body - not  because you hate it - and that love and self-acceptance is spilling over into all areas of your life. Making ripples through your personal relationships, your finances, your creativity, and even your ability to love and receive love in return.

This isn’t about food (though it is). This isn’t about exercise (though it is). This isn’t about your mind (though it is). This is about repairing your relationship with YOURSELF.

I’ve spent a decade wading through motherhood and chronic health issues - both physical and mental - and learning everything I can about how the mind, body and foods interact within each woman and how I can up-level in each area.


I’ve created Simply Nourished to do just that. To connect movement, diet and mindset in to one deliciously SIMPLE formula of true lasting health.

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to:

  • Repair your relationship with your body image. Finally appreciate what your body has done and what it can do. Stop hating your reflection and start LOVING yourself.

  • Finally allow yourself to let go of that baby weight. Strengthen what’s been stretched, and feel stronger and better than ever before.

  • Let go of the judgements and expectations of others so you can live your life. It’s time to start living for yourself - if that means showing up for yourself first then so be it!

  • Say goodbye to the food police and hello to your innate bodily signals; liberating yourself from the perfectionism trap that has you playing by the “rules” the diet companies are selling you.

  • Trust in your own needs and finally LISTEN to your body and give it what it deserves.

  • Untangle the web of old programming and generational patterns that keep you from achieving your health behavior goals.

Centered on radical self-love, resilience and ultimate trust that only you can harness, I coach ambitious mothers as they reclaim their power and become the heroes of their own health journey.

No more counting calories.

No more self-loathing.

No more thinking ‘I can’t eat that’ or ‘I have to burn this off’.

No more cheap gimmicks, starving yourself on juice cleanses, or other diet trends.

No more wishing for a body you don’t have (because you’ll find your best body after going through this course!)

Confidently say: I am 100% comfortable in my body

I can feel you nodding your head - you’re with me. Still feeling a little hesitation? It’s simple: we’ve been conditioned to believe that only people with a six-pack and gallons of protein powders can tell us how to be healthy. We’ve experienced years of expectations and “shoulds” of what a healthy diet looks like and we’ve been chasing this magical unicorn forever. And that’s holding you back from becoming the healthiest version of yourself in your own way and your own path. Don’t worry, if you’re still stuck, it’s my job (and passion) to help mothers break through those old patterns to they can finally achieve their best bodies ever and STOP following the trends and fads of the wellness world (all the ones that don’t actually work and are super not healthy.

I work with the mothers in Simply Nourished to:

  • Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled, value aligned goals.

  • Move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the postpartum body you want (stop self-sabotaging yourself and finally let go of that baby weight).

  • Set yourself free from fear and shame and perfectionism so you can finally be free to eat, move and live the way you want.

  • Teach practical tools (like meal planning the proper exercise technique) while offering a sacred space for the messy process of self-discovery.  (aka a shame-free zone where you’ll be asked to stretch further but never ever feel judged)

  • Learn how to finally trust your truest self and honor your postpartum body.


What partnering with me looks like:

  • 1 x 45-minute solo session with me where we get to know each other, understand where you’re coming from, where you want to go, and set some intentions for our 3-month journey together.

  • Bi-Weekly Group Personal Transformation sessions - We will meet bi-weekly to dive deep, create new stories, set specific and measurable goals, and implement a custom diet and exercise plan that will actually last.

  • 3 months of email and text support as needed (out to eat and need me to pick an item off the menu? Yep - I do that!)

  • 12 Online Training Modules with video training and worksheets designed with YOU in mind.

  • Custom meal plans + recipes WEEKLY

  • TWELVE workout videos or PDFs to help you repair the effects of pregnancy and childbirth with PROVEN results

  • A private Facebook group to receive support, encouragement and share stories with the other women in Simply Nourished - aka your nest of mamas (where I’ll be popping in regularly to give support and coaching!)

  • Meditations, further readings, resources and more



Owning your story, setting goals and a foundation for the next 3 months.


Ditching the diet mentality. Think you’re not affected by diet culture? Think again. This module will allow you to finally break free from these limiting beliefs and allow you to flourish in your own choices.


Honor your hunger. Do you even know when you’re hungry anymore? Or are you so tuned in to the clock or feeding sessions or old habits that you’ve detached from actually feeling your hunger?


Make peace with food. Possibly the most transformative lesson in this course. Stop being afraid of food. Understand there are no “good” or “bad” foods. Simply energy being transferred.


Challenge the food police. Shutdown the shame spiral inside your own head and out in the world and allow yourself to finally eat and exercise with freedom.


Respect your fullness. Stop eating when you’re actually full. Enough said ;)


Postpartum exercise. How to repair from diastasis recti, prolapse, and even c-section scars as well as tightening up your midsection in a way that strengthens your entire core (aka you’ll see those abs and stop peeing when you sneeze!)


Honor your feelings without food. Learn how to harness the power of meditation and other tools that will keep you from overindulging on junk food when you’re stressed or excited or whatever you’re feeling.


Updating habits and behaviors. Side-step old habits by creating new ones that align with your end goals.


Honor your genetic blueprint. This is where the magic happens! It’s too good to give all the details away now ;)


Nutrition 101. Everything you need to know about healthy eating and how to harness this knowledge to shed the baby weight.


Putting it all together. How to create sustainable systems of self-care that will last a LIFETIME.


Breastfeeding 101: we’ll troubleshoot breastfeeding issues, nutrition and breastfeeding, weight loss and exercise and how to not get to that #hanger level.

Rediscover YOU in motherhood: so often mothers feel they’ve lost themselves. In this bonus, we’ll go over tools and resources to reclaim the YOU as a mother, find yourself and reconnect with the woman you were before babies.

“After working with Bri I hardly think about my food. It’s just intuitive and simple and I feel amazing!” - AB

Honestly, this will change your life!” - LC

“After just one session, I felt I had the tools to curb my impulses around food and realistically approach my diet without shame” - CD

 What to expect from Simply Nourished:

Our time together will be strategic, soulful, and powerful. When you work with me in Simply Nourished you will be able to conquer fears, process and unravel past ‘truths’ about your health so you can put them back together with more clarity, self-love and intentionality than before. I WILL SHOW UP FOR YOU. If you jump in on this journey with me I will continually show up for you. I will be right beside you, teaching you the basics, challenging you to stretch further, reminding you of your highest power, pointing you to your unique gifts and reminding you that you CAN do this. And the best part? You will be in a group of mothers who are along for the ride with you. Who are supporting you, cheering you on, and lifting you up. There’s a special magic that happens in a group setting that just isn’t possible one-on-one. And at the end of the day: I will help transform your postpartum body in to the strongest, most powerful vessel for your womanhood.

I can also promise that investing in your health will show up like no other investment you’ve ever made. This will spill over in to your finances, your marriage, your relationship with your children, friends and other loved ones. And most importantly, your ability to love yourself.

You are so worth it.

*payment plans available