Brianna has extensive training in health psychology, intuitive eating, yoga, meditation, physical training, health coaching and nutrition education. A believer in true holistic wellness for the pregnant and postpartum mother, Brianna has enveloped her expertise in each of these areas in to one holistic method of achieving true lasting health.

The MIND + BODY + FOOD Method was created to fill a gap between perinatal women and their physicians. Through her experience of having four children and her work with pregnant and postpartum mothers, Brianna noticed a dire need for combining mindset, food and exercise in a way that was evidence-based, holistic, and intuitive. Over the years, Brianna has honed in on what mothers are craving during the perinatal time, what’s missing from traditional medical advice on health, and how to bridge the gap.


 Thus, the MIND + BODY + FOOD method was formed.

The method borrows from proven exercises and activities from various fields of health including talk therapy, psychology, intuitive eating, nutrition education, yoga, pilates, Ayurveda, meditation, nutrition epidemiology, and physical therapy.

While each body and each mother is radically different, the principles of the MIND + BODY + FOOD Method apply to every body and follow the general formula below:

  • Assessment - nutrition and exercise knowledge, perceptions, behaviors and goal setting

  • Implementation - self-efficacy development, behavior change, new skills and behaviors

  • Maitnence - overcoming barriers (environmental, interpersonal and intrapersonal), goal adjustment, longevity

Through your sessions with Brianna, you will incorporate various methods of behavior change and health that align with your unique values and body goals and last a lifetime.

The goal of the MIND + BODY + FOOD Method is to achieve maximum results that will last. No need to come back for additional sessions or lengthy programs, through Brianna’s method, you will have the tools and education and develop the self-efficacy and motivation to continue the work done in these sessions successfully on your own.

Brianna’s main goal is to work herself out of a job.