Raw Watermelon [Vegan] Salad


So it’s been record heat here in Colorado Springs and without air conditioning it’s been nearly impossible to think straight let alone turn on the oven to cook something for dinner. Breakfasts and lunches are pretty easy to get away without a heat source but dinner? Usually I simply chop up a bunch of veggies, toss in a protein source (usually tofu or beans - or both!), and spice it up while it roasts in the oven. I’m a huge believer in one pan meals so when it’s too hot to bake anything I get a little anxious.

I’ve been working out some raw no-bake macro bowl-style dinners that have been completely satisfying my desire for a simple healthy quick one-pan meal without the need for a heat source.

My Summer Rainbow Bowl almost hit the mark (recipe HERE), but does require some heating elements for the ancient grains and the toasted cashews (which could totally be used raw and just tossed right on, but I love that extra crunch of toasted nuts). This bowl or salad or whatever you want to call it is completely raw and





5 ingredients

and delicious


1/2 medium watermelon (seedless is best for little ones but seeded is more natural - your choice)
1 package extra firm tofu
10 tomatillos
salt + pepper to taste
balsamic vinegar to taste


Chop everything up in to bite-sided pieces, toss together with some salt + pepper to taste and drizzle some balsamic vinegar. You can also add some feta or avocado for a little healthy fat and deliciousness.

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