Heading to Colorado

This week we move to Colorado Springs.

It was a quick move and a quick decision but something we’ve been talking about for quite a while now. Hoping for a slower pace, more outdoor space, and maybe, finally, finding our forever home.

There seems like a lot to do still before we hit the road and make our move to the mountains in just 3 shorts days, but there’s also a bit of a lull in things ‘to do’ at the moment and I want to write it all down and savor a sweet moment of contentedness.

We made the decision to purchase a home in Colorado Springs even though we’re not sure how long we’ll be there. Brad, my husband, is a Marine and will be on orders for a little over a year reporting up to the Air Force base in the Springs but after that there are plenty of options that could keep us right where we are.

As the space industry and space force begins to build up in Colorado Springs, the housing market has gone way up - and is projected to continue to grow. So if we don’t end up staying in Colorado Springs for the long haul, it’s still a fairly safe and secure investment to purchase a home for the time we’ll be there.

I took a solo trip out to the Springs (The Springs? still getting the lingo and proper punctuation right) last month to find a place for our family to live. We decided on a small, older home that needs a bit of work on the outside (finishing the garage, fencing the yard, digging out basement window wells), with a gorgeous updated kitchen in the best school district in the state of Colorado. We’ve moved enough times and done the house search enough that we have a solid list of items we’re looking for and this little home checked nearly all of the boxes. And the rest? Well that can wait because it’s nearly impossible to get in to this neighborhood in our price range so we jumped on the change and got the house!

As we did with our move back to California from Ohio, we’re driving to our new home. And this time, we’re planning on camping our way out there. We’ll drive for about 6 hours for each of 3 days and then set up camp in various national parks - Joshua Tree and Arches I’m particularly excited about!

As you can imagine, moving and camping with 4 very young children is not for the feint of heart and I’m fairly anxious about the whole experience. But I also know that once you let go and allow yourself to go with the flow, everything is that much easier.

Maybe we’ll call it quits and end up in a hotel for a night or two. Maybe the kids will watch movies and play games on iPads the entire drive. Or maybe it’ll be the quaint little camping trip of our dreams and we’ll play i-spy and 20 questions and listen to audiobooks until each of them drift off to sleep. Either way - we pull out of our driveway in Los Angeles Friday afternoon and will pull in to the driveway of our new place in the mountains on Monday.

Ready or not.

*photos from my solo-trip out to look for houses