Thoughts on Clothing


The entirety of my wardrobe fits in one large moving box.

We’re gearing up for our eleventh move since marrying less than 8 years ago and each time I off-load more and more ‘stuff’.

I can’t stand stuff. I was Marie Kondo-ing before it was a thing. Things that do not spark joy have no place in my house or my life. And so my wardrobe fits inside one large moving box.

I didn’t used to live like this. Clothes have always been my thing. I wanted all the new clothes. Needed them. Sometimes hid them in my closet so my husband wouldn’t see the new items hanging on the rack.

Shortly after William was born I remember walking in to my walk-in closet (it was about 8ft long - HUGE) and not knowing what to wear. Pieces of clothing were busting off of the rack, stuffed in so tightly I didn’t even know what was in there. And that didn’t even cover the items in the dresser (we no longer have a dresser, just a few simple shelves in the small closet and baskets for underthings).

I pulled everything out and didn’t take more than 10 seconds to determine if I truly wanted to keep each piece. If I didn’t immediately think “YES” then it was a no and swiftly tossed in the donate pile.

Just this week I started packing for our move from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs and, again, went through each item in my closet. I placed half of my clothing in to a box to donate and kept just half of my clothes. The weather is much different in Colorado and I will likely need to invest in a few cold weather items once the temperatures begin to dip but for now, I’m happy with the pieces I chose to keep.

A few simple summer dresses, a few trusty pairs of jeans, a handful of linen tops and my trusty yoga pants collection (just 4 now down from 10 last week).

I read a statistic this week that 75% of the worlds’ food comes from just 12 plants and 5 animals. I was shocked (and writing an article about my thoughts on that later), but wondered, in my packing frenzy, if that statistic was similar to the items we wear or use in our homes.

I’d be willing to bet that much more than 75% of the clothes I wear comes from just a handful of pieces. My favorite jeans, a white linen tee, a t-shirt dress. These are the things I find myself drawn to again and again and wear most often. Even after donating dozens of bags of clothing from my wardrobe, there’s always a piece or two that I don’t wear often enough to justify holding space in my closet.

It’s easy to get swept up in fast fashion and clothing trends and end up with a closet full of pieces you don’t love or wear. And it’s just as easy, if you really want to, to downsize and choose to keep only the pieces that truly spark joy.