10 Simple Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness as a Busy Mom


When I first thought of mindfulness I imagined a bunch of yogis in India or somewhere sitting still for hours at a time. I imagined what a bore it would be to be doing nothing for that long, in silence, just sitting.

But as I developed my own yoga practice, and ultimately my teaching of yoga as well, I realized that not only did I have a horribly skewed perception of mindfulness, but I desperately needed it in my daily life.

It can sound counterproductive to pause in the middle of the day and do nothing. Especially when we’re busy mamas and have so much on our to-do lists.

When it comes down to it that middle of the day pause is exactly what we need to be MORE productive.

Not only that, but research has shown incorporating mindfulness techniques and exercises can help lower stress levels, risks of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even certain types of cancers. Oh, and it also makes us happier. #SCIENCE

So how do we begin? Where do we start to incorporate little pauses of relaxation in to our days? And how do we keep it up and make it a consistent seamless part of our lives?

  1. Take a walk. This can be a short walk around the house or block or down to your favorite coffee shop. Get out and get moving! (leave your phone at home!)

  2. Full body scan. Often done before bed, lay flat on your back and just scan from head to toe noticing any sensations that come up.

  3. Gratitude journal. Each morning or evening, write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

  4. Unclench your jaw. If you’re clenching your jaw you’re likely having tension in your shoulders, clenching your pelvic floor and your glutes. Relaxing your jaw will automatically relax everything else.

  5. Focus on your breath. Start with 1 minute and sit and breathe. Count each inhale and exhale up to 10 and start again.

  6. Mindful listening. Sit quietly for a few minutes and notice the sounds around you. Don’t attach to them, just notice and let it go. (this helps not be so triggered by sounds in our daily lives too which is a lifesaver!)

  7. Smell something lovely. Light a soy candle, place a few drops of essential on your neck, burn some sage. Smell is an incredibly powerful tool.

  8. Try some CBD oil. If you’re having trouble relaxing enough to take a pause, consider incorporating CBD oil in to your day.

  9. Try yoga. If you haven’t already, get in to the flow.

  10. Incorporate your kids! If getting away for a yoga class or a quiet meditation isn’t an option, bring your kids along with your new endeavor. Have them help you pick out an essential oil, get them a little yoga mat, explain to them why you’re doing these things and invite them to join you. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they pick it up!

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