Why mamas can't lose the baby weight


I overheard a conversation this weekend that really got me thinking (and kind of broke my heart) ...

We were at a 6 year old's birthday party and everyone was lining up for pizza. A couple of mamas were sitting at the end of the table, lamenting their lack of progress towards losing baby weight and despite eating well and exercising 'all the time'. They were joking, laughing, commiserating and chowing down on pizza together as they wondered aloud why they weren't seeing the results they wanted.

Oh girlfriend, I have such a hard time navigating these situations. On the one hand, social support is integral to behavior change and meeting goals. On the other, the wrong kind of social support (the people who will commiserate while eating massive amounts of junk food with you) can make meeting those goals even harder. 

So WHY aren't these mamas losing the weight?

HOW can they actually get there and stop self-sabotaging?

We as women tend to overestimate the amount of exercise we're performing and the difficulty of it. We also, tend to underestimate the amount of unhealthy foods we're eating. This leads to, obviously, an unrealistic view of our current state of health and absolutely explains why we're not losing those last 10 pounds of baby weight.

So back to these mamas at the party ...

One said she's been trying for YEARS to lose 10 pounds. The other chimed in with "yeah and I'm at the gym every morning!"

Mamas - something doesn't add up.

There are only a few realistic reasons why losing that baby weight isn't working:

1. You think you're doing all the right things but you actually don't know the best ways to lose weight healthily.

2. You self-sabotage by binging every time you see a setback.

3. You don't believe you can actually achieve your goals.

So which category do you fall in?

Whichever one fits you best, there are simple steps to overcome. One step is taking a look at your "old self", your current self and your "future self" and really visualizing what it would FEEL LIKE to reach your goals. 

It's a process I go through with every new mama I work with and it never fails to produce incredible results!

I've uploaded a new Personal Transformation worksheet in the Resource Library for you to work through on your own and help guide you to some major lifestyle and health changes! Simply click the link below to download the worksheet for FREE.

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