Why Diets Don't Work - Even When They Do


So that title is probably misleading and confusing so let me back up...

What is a diet?

Well, a diet is really just the combination of foods you eat on a regular basis. It has little to do with calorie counts and deprivation or specific foods. It's just an overview of what you put in your body. 

But a diet plan, or anything you sign up, pay, or participate in, is something different. But for the purposes of this just know when I say 'diet' what I'm referring to is any plan that requires you to count, restrict, weigh, balance, cut, etc. You get the idea. 

I have worked with many women who have followed various diets and had what they call 'success'. They've lost the weight, their clothes fit better, they look the part. But they still come to me for help with their nutrition and wellness. WHY?

Because despite the lower number on the scale they still don't feel worthy. They don't feel comfortable. Strong. Brave. Powerful. They're still working in this zone of fear that the diet created and they can't imagine a simple solution to health without all the counting and restriction.


When you follow a diet and are successful in terms of weight loss it means you've figured out how to follow a plan, stick with it and make it work for you. And all of that is super important! But what a typical diet won't teach you is how to keep it going without counting, without the accountability of the plan, without the fear of failure. It won't teach you to rely on your internal hunger or satiety cues (in fact, most diet companies are most successful when they get you to completely ignore those cues) and it won't teach you to love your body.

That's what Hello Nourish is all about. We're about ditching the deprivation diets for good and getting back in touch with those innate internal cues that have been so long ignored. It's about feeling amazing in the body you were born with - accepting and working with the biology you can't change - and making the most of the pieces you can. Hello Nourish is about nourishing all parts of you - mind, body, spirit - so that you don't need a diet in the first place. You're so comfortable with your food, your body, your internal cues that a restrictive plan would be completely ridiculous to propose. 

You eat food because you're hungry and because it nourishes your body. 

You stop eating because you're full and for zero other reasons.

You silence the food police that shame you in to stuffing your face with kale salads (when you actually hate kale!).

You begin to accept and even love your body exactly how it is, even if you're working towards becoming a healthier version of yourself. 

Because at the end of the day meals should be fun and delicious and nourishing - not leaving you feeling ashamed, guilty and hungry.

If you want to get started and dig deeper in to how you can become a more intuitive eater without a diet plan I've got an amazing free download for you - simply pop your email in here and you'll receive a workbook that will help you get there!

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