Recipe | Nourish Bowl


Getting creative in the kitchen lately has been tough for me. By the time dinner rolls around I'm too tired and achey to spend much time cooking and sometimes all I can muster is a big pot of pasta (no complaints from the kids!). Pregnancy is different for everyone and for each time I've experienced it but this one has really done me in. 

One of the best things I've done is batch cook beans and rice one day a week. I'd like to say I do it on Sundays but sometimes it's Tuesday or Friday or whenever I find time to get cooking and remember to soak the beans. With a stash of rice and beans in the fridge or freezer and lots of fresh veggies ready to roast or saute it's made meals so go much faster and way more nutrient dense than plain pasta.

It's pretty amazing what creative dishes you can come up with when you've got your bases covered already. Not having to think much about grains and protein since they're already made, leaves more room for fun with veggies and sauces and other toppings which is where I flourish in the kitchen! 

One of the biggest hits from recent weeks has been this big bowl of deliciousness was a surprise even for myself. I just kept grabbing things from the fridge and ended up with a truly delicious bowl of nutrient dense, yummy, kid-approved and colorful foods!




2 heads of broccoli
1lb brussels sprouts
2 cups cooked farro (or any rice will do)
15oz white beans, drained
1/2 shredded raw carrots
nutritional yeast 
salt and pepper to taste
extra virgin olive oil
parsley for garnish


Roast the broccoli and brussels sprouts with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper to taste at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes or whenever they start to get crispy. I often add nutritional yeast while they roast.

In a large bowl, mix rice and beans (reheat if pulling them from an earlier batch cooking day).

When the veggies are finished roasting, toss them with the rice and beans and top with the remaining ingredients.

I didn't use a sauce with this but a vinaigrette would be delicious or simply some lemon juice and olive oil with salt and pepper. As the weather cools, I'd swap the parsley for cilantro and add a peanut sauce with some extra heat!

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