Brianna Towne
Perinatal Wellness Mentor

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My path to motherhood was fraught with challenges, heartache and disappointment. It wasn’t until I started to take control of my health and wellness that I actually began to enjoy my life and role as a mother. I now have 4 intelligent, kind children, feel comfortable and confident in my body and no longer punish myself for eating the “wrong” things (because there are no wrong things).

My goal is to support mothers and mother-to-be to become more intentional with their health so that inner intention and consciousness overflows in to all areas of their lives. Once you harness the power of intuitive eating you’ll notice being more intuitive with your children, your partner, chores, work, friends and more. Intuitive eating isn’t just about eating, it’s a lifestyle that opens up a whole world of positive attitudes and intentional living.



MS Nutrition Education - American University*
Certified Health Coach - American Council on Exercise
Certified Yoga Instructor - Mukti School
Certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
Mother of 4 


Client Reviews

After just one hour coaching session with Bri, I felt like I had tools to help me curb my impulses around my biggest food pitfalls and strategies to more realistically approach my diet without guilt.
— Caitlin J.
Clean your life up from the inside out kind of badassery. Honestly this can change your life.
— Kendall H.
The knowledge I gained from Bri was invaluable and is definitely helping me to take healthier and happier steps towards body positivity.
— Rachel C.
I am so grateful for the session we did and I have learned so so much about intuitive eating, macros, and a balanced plate to name a few. What Bri taught me has been a collaboration of extremely pertinent tools that I use everyday.
— Anne B.
If you’re looking for change within your body, health and lifestyle - CONNECT WITH BRI - I promise, working with her to meet your goals is life changing. We’re not meant to do this journey alone.
— Lindsay C.