What's Next? 9 Ways to Stay Fired Up

chances are, you're reading this after a weekend spent watching the news. maybe you were in washington saturday or in your hometown marching and rallying. maybe you were sitting at home with your children having a regular weekend and catching updates on twitter. maybe you hid your head in the sand and tried to shut it all out. 

most of you readers are women. so as millions of women around the world came out saturday to make their voices heard and stand up for what they believe, it's safe to say that many of you did as well. but saturday was not the end. the women's march is not a one-and-done event. 

Everything in Moderation

this month i started grad school. i'm officially on my way to becoming a master of nutrition. while not something that was obvious to me growing up or even five years ago, the realm of nutrition has been in the background of so much of my life choices. from becoming a vegetarian at the age of twelve (? 13? 11? whatever it was: very young) and living in a predominately meat-loving household, nutrition has been a struggle ever since ...

Our Morning Routine

a regular morning routine is something i'm always working towards. i love the idea of getting up before the sun and before any little ones and enjoying a cup of coffee alone in the silence of this big house and sometimes that idea comes to life and it's beautiful. still, most days i'm being awoken by the sound of charlotte tip-toeing in to my bedroom to wake me up. a friend of mine gets up at 5:30am every morning to exercise, eat breakfast, coffee and shower all before anyone else wakes. #goals


... often when things get like this, when i let life weigh this much on me and let life happen to me, i reevaluate everything in my life. 'why am i even doing this?' 'what does this even matter?' 'do i even like avocado?!' *i do. don't worry. smoothies on the other hand ... i think i like because they're hip and trendy and i'm saying peace out. so i had one of my major meltdowns, let everything out, ugly-cried until i had no more tears to shed and sat in silence for a while. one of the biggest questions i had for myself was why do i do the things i do? outside of motherhood, taking my time and energy away from my family? why is it important and should i quit? ...

Root Where You're Planted

the past year has been a strange one. we moved to ohio last august but didn't really feel settled until the snow started to thaw and the temperatures started rising. until theodore was born in april we barely knew our neighbors and didn't have many friends. now, a year later, i can say with relief and great appreciation that we have many wonderful friends and we love our neighbors. this community has offered itself up to me in a way i didn't think possible and i've ran head first in to it. someone told me this summer "root where you're planted." and i did. i rooted deep. i dug in to this ohio earth and i held on tight.

Give Presence

each morning before my little ones wake, i take a few moments to center myself. i wouldn't call this 'meditation' exactly, but it is an exercise in mindfulness. i take a few deep breaths, listen to the silence, stretch and take everything in. no judgement or preconception. just take everything in as it is.

Living Well On A Budget

what? what do you mean? money doesn't just come and go magically? i know. i was completely clueless, carefree and just plain stupid. but i didn't have the faculties or the experience to understand how or why to budget. until we bought our first home and had to deal with things like a mortgage and upkeep and everything in between did the importance of a budget really start to sink in.

My Word For 2017 - Conscious

this year, i'm changing gears and choosing a new word. or, rather, this word has chosen me. it seems as though after every birth i go through a major life change. not just the obvious change of becoming a mother, but some change within myself and within my world. how i approach certain aspects of my life changes with each new addition to my family. 

The Christmas Tree Farm

some days we're totally in sync and i'm like 'yeah, mama of the year!' and others i'm totally drowning. lately most of the days have been fantastic. like really really great. but there's still times where i think to myself 'how did i get here? why am i a mama? who let this happen?' i know i'll never have the answers to those questions. but i'm working towards accepting that this is how my life is and i'm endlessly happy with where we are. this little family of mine is pretty darn perfect.